Language courses - integration courses


Aim of the integration course:

  • Support of the integration of migrants and female mirgrants for the purposes of more social participating and equal opportunities by good German linguistic proficiency.
  • Good linguistic proficiency raises the chance for the integration into the job market.
  • In a discussion with the culture, the history, with the political values of the constitution, with the legal system and the political institutions of the democratic constitutional maintain the positive contact with the new social environment.
  • Finding the way ease in the new society

Who can take part?

  • Foreigners who stay permanently in the federal territory if they receive a residence permit for job purpose for the first time, for the purpose of family reunion, for humanitarian reasons or have the right of domicile and do not have sufficient German knowledge.
  • Late repatriats as well as their spouses or offsprings.
  • EU nationals or their members, as far as free places are available.

What do you have to do?

Apply for licensing to an integration course and with the licensing sign up for it with us.

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